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Analytics India
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Analytics India Consulting Services

India has been the favored destination for Analytics offshoring either with captive organizations or with third party service providers.

MNCs like GE, HP, Citibank, Amazon, HSBC, Microsoft, Yahoo, American Express, Target, Fidelity, J&J, Mckinsey and a host of other firms have their captive Analytics centers in India . A lot of others have engaged Analytics service providers to tap into the Indian talent base.

However there is a larger list of firms that failed to capitalize the opportunity India offers. Their experiments either failed completely or have degraded into low value equilibrium.

Success in Off-shoring Analytics to India has its fair bit of challenges. The purpose/charter of the org, delivery structure, Talent acquisition, retention & management, resource alignment, cultural nuances etc are among a lot of other things which decides the success of the off-shoring effort.

Having seen this industry from its infancy and an intuitive understanding of this space, Analytics India is uniquely positioned to consult organizations looking to offshore to India.

We just dont consult, we take the accountability to ensure your success. We offer a Build Operate Transfer model where we run your operations till they stabilize.

If you are thinking about Analytics and India, you are at the right place.Your chances of success have increased to about 50%.

Write to us at or fill the form below and we will ensure your off-shoring effort is successful.


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