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Expert Speak
Prithvijit Roy
CEO and Co-Founder
Mobile : +91-80-42102154
BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions

About Prithvijit Roy

A pioneer of business analytics in India, Prithvijit quit as Senior Director of HP India earlier this year, to launch a unique analytics technology venture BRIDGEi2i analytics Solutions in Bangalore, the IT and analytics hub of India.

Over the past 12 years, Prithvijit has set up two of the largest analytics units in India for Hewlett Packard (HP) and General Electric (GE). He was part of the core team that set up GE’s Analytics center (now Genpact Analytics) – the largest third-party analytics outsourcing company in India today. Over six years at GE, Prithvijit played a variety of leadership roles in analytics deployment and business development. In 2005 he joined HP to build its Global Analytics organization, which is now a 1200+ team supporting all HP businesses and functions across the world. During his stint in HP, he helped institutionalize analytics across HP’s decision making process which resulted in significant top-line and bottom-line impact for the enterprise, retail and the consumer businesses.

Prithvijit holds a Master’s Degree in Quantitative Economics from the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, and worked in the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy and in TERI before he joined GE. He has built a rich legacy of driving business value through analytics applications across marketing, sales, supply chain, HR and finance, and has wide exposure across industries as diverse as financial services, hi-tech, retail and manufacturing.

Analytics India interviewed Prithvijit recently to understand the Indian Analytics Space and his new venture. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

1. AI - Why did you think of starting the venture now and what is the unique value proposition?

A. Prithvijit : The demand for analytics as a practice is accelerating in today’s world. Once limited to financial services, now most companies both large & small want to differentiate & drive impact through analytics. This has as much to do with the explosion of data as with the dynamic nature of business today. However, analytics is a highly specialized field and hence not very easy to adopt. There lies a huge opportunity in bridging this gap between wanting to use analytics as a differentiator and actually being able to do it. Also over the last couple of decades thanks to the flourishing analytics outsourcing industry, we have a huge talent pool in India, systematically gaining knowledge and experience in analytics and technology. It is probably time to leverage such talent to marry analytics with technology and build some valuable intellectual property.

2. AI : How are you positioned to make a difference in the crowded marketplace with this venture

A. Prithvijit : Most analytics companies in India are playing a pure outsourcing services model. Very few are thinking in terms of analytics consulting or analytics application development. Hence there is little direct competition in India.

In most cases, the role of analytics ends in providing reports and insights which are seldom made actionable by operationalizing a strategy. Our intention is to create actionable intelligence, handhold the company through implementation and enable measurable impact.

Unlike others we don’t want analytics to become a recurring cost of our customers. We will empower them with tools that are easy to use for their business users. We believe we will make analytics more affordable and available for many smaller businesses.

3. AI: Can you provide a scenario where business can benefit using your services and solutions?

A. Prithvijit: Several new businesses in India have been incubated over the last few years which are also significantly data rich. They capture a lot of customer information, transactional information and online behaviour. But they are not necessarily using this information to help scale the company to the next level because of the lack of awareness and expertize in analytics. Take the case of the growing telecom industry in India. In a high growth market there is limited impetus to drive customer retention & lifecycle management strategies. However, the rich customer data collected by the provider can help it identify top customers with the largest sphere of influence on other users, and help drive focused loyalty programs with them. Similarly, analytics can help retailers optimise stocking & shelf space strategies to drive higher revenues for each store.

Growing Indian companies, both large & small, can use analytics based on their data to help grow their business much more aggressively than in traditional means. We would look forward to partner with some such data rich companies to navigate them to a faster growth path.

4. AI: What is the level of expertise that you have in this service domain? What are the strengths of your company’s team in this domain – range of skills, experience, training, background, numbers, etc.?

A. Prithvijit: BRIDGEi2i has been co-founded by three people who have been the pioneers of the analytics industry in India, each with a decade plus experience in a wide range of analytical applications and demonstrating business value by the use of analytics. The overall leadership team has a well-balanced educational background with advanced degrees from Indian Statistical Institute and reputed Indian management institutes and has the experience of building two of the biggest and most successful analytics centres in India. We are in the process of ramping up the team further with some of best analytical talents in India with experience of doing analytics in financial services, retail, telecom, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, technology, healthcare and public sector.


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