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Analytics and Data Science
Those of you looking to participate in analytics/data science contests and win prize money can do so by signing up at One contest is now live and the link is below.

If you work at a Non Profit or University, you can host a Competition for free at CrowdANALYTIX-a community of data experts, where the solvers of the community will help you solve your problem . You can use the community to help with your research or project.You get multiple solutions to your problem and your students and the solvers learn new skills and develop even better solutions as all content generated (reports, algorithms etc.) will be made available for everyone to access.

Take a look at the FAQs below for more information on how to submit your idea.

Submit your idea by the 20th of May, 2015.
Know about Market Research Tools & their importance
What next in analytics?
We keep hearing that Big Data analytics and eCommerce analytics are the next big things. Is this true? If so, what specific areas/solutions within these two will be of immediate interest and use to the industry?
Big Data, Myths and Realites
Everyone is talking about BIG data and how its going to transform our lives. BIG data has been mystified a lot. This forum will look to demystify BIG data and focus on what really matters.

As a forum I also hope to answer question anyone has on practical questions of BIG data applications.
Kindly Join this group if any of the COllege/Researcher/Student wants to use SAS.
Strategy & Insight Management
This group is about decision making and laying the foundations of the strategies using various analytic tools that may include marketing analytics, consumer anaytics, financial analytics, primary resaerch or any business research using the best tools. In this forum we should talk about how and which tools can help us in making effective decisions. For example Google analytics is the best available free tool for eveyone to use. Let's just talk about the available tools - which we need to share and let others explore the features in their business operations. SAS is a tool but not for eveyone, it seriously needs investment. So, we should share the tools which is free and can be used by any of us, at any given point in time.
Retail Analytics
This forum is for people with in retail domain and want to explore ways of providing data analysis and insight
Business Research
This group is for those who are in business research domain or aspire to make a career in business research.
Cloud Computing and Analytics
This group is for those who are either aware of Cloud computing and its impact on analytics industry or wish to know.
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 19 Communities)  
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