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How Data Cleansing Techniques help you to Reach Target Audience?
Category: Business Intelligence
By: Ritesh Posted on 08th May, 2018
Companies collect, store and analyze data coming in from different sources including manual forms and spreadsheets which contain incomplete or inaccurate data, full of errors, duplicates and inconsist..
Tata Motors Share Price Analysis - 1st June
Category: Equity Research and Derivatives
By: Laxmikanth Posted on 05th Jun, 2018
Today's Opening - 285

Today's High - 287

Today's Low - 283

Today's Closing - 290

Positive closing today, with higher volumes over the last t..
Facebook wins big with mobile, posts $1.81B in Q2 revenue
Category: Others
By: Vishal Dhar Posted on 12th Sep, 2016
The social network said it grew monthly active users by 21 percent year-over-year to 1.15 billion people and daily active users by 27 percent to 699 million people in the quarter. Facebook also report..
Being Smart is not an Option Anymore
Category: Supply Chain Analytics
By: TorQEye Posted on 17th Jul, 2015
“If you don’t have a competitive advantage don’t compete”             –   Jack WelchMaking decisions..
Are You Becoming a Digital Dinosaur?
Category: Customer Analytics
By: sandeep s Posted on 21st Jul, 2015
Digital disruption is happening everywhere you look. It is impacting businesses of any size, in any industry, market and geography.  Digital technology is changing the way we socialize, commu..
Business Analytics Training in India
Category: General Analytics
By: Admin Posted on 28th Apr, 2015
Edzyme Academy offers certification programs in Business Analytics & Data Science. The Certified Professional in Business Analytics (CPBA) program offered by Edzyme is highly appreciated by the corpor..
Quantum problem in 64 bit
Category: Analytical Tools
By: Ashok Kumar Posted on 30th Dec, 2012
If you are current Quantum customer who has support and maintenance you are eligible for a Quantum patch which will allow you to run on Vista or Windows 7, but Quantum Unix is a 32 bit application, an..
BIG data...what it really means..
Category: General Analytics
By: Ramakrishna Posted on 14th Nov, 2012
Do a Google search on BIG data and one will get enough literature on BIG data to be completely confounded. Mckinsey started the term, Gartner tried to define it and now every Veteran and current Analy..
SEO Services- Renders good qualities and services to online customers
Category: Clinical Trials and Research
By: seoservice Posted on 29th Jun, 2011
Engaging your online business in a company which render good qualities and services is a big advantages on making your online business ahead comparing to those businesses which is not su..
Data Analytics in Business
Category: Business Intelligence
By: Rahul (Academy for Decision Science & Analytics) Posted on 27th Aug, 2012
Today Analytics is the heart of a Business. Companies are challenged with a high volume and broad array of data which requires active and effective analysis. Analysis can help them make enhanced an..
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