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Careers in Analytics
Category: General Analytics
By: Jigsaw Posted on 15th Jul, 2012
A recent article in Times of India predicted that 100,000 analytics professionals will be required by companies like Genpact, WNS analytics, Fractal analytics, Infosys, TCS, Cognizant, MuSigma and man..
Five actionable tips for Web Analysts
Category: Customer Analytics
By: ateeq Posted on 04th Aug, 2010
So your web site has X million page views! Wow! Great! So what?We have to move away from the usual page views, visits and visitors grand troika of not quite so useful analysis. Here are thefive most ..
Category: Financial Analytics
By: Ayush Posted on 30th Nov, 2011
Guys I happen to tumble upon this new crowdsourcing site called Its amazing how the data analytics is integrated with crowdsourcing to make analytics more efficient, reliable and ch..
Time for Analytics to Come in From the Cold
Category: Web Analytics
By: Neil Mason Posted on 25th Jan, 2009
In the coming year, there will be a big opportunity to increase the impact that digital analytics and insights teams can have on their corporations. As planning horizons and measurement cycles get sho..
SPSS an Overview
Category: Analytical Tools
By: Amit Kumar Posted on 12th Dec, 2009
The abbreviation SPSS stands for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences and is a comprehensive system for analyzing data. This package of programs is available for both personal and mainframe (or..
Social Analytics in the Banking Industry
Category: Marketing Analytics
By: Vivek Agarwal Posted on 30th Nov, 2012
How social media can improve the bottom lineThe widespread usage of social media in business has redefined the way enterprises approach customer engagement and business growth strategies. With social ..
42 The answer to everything!
Category: General Analytics
By: Jigsaw Academy Posted on 22nd Feb, 2011
If you have read Douglas Adams, you know that the ultimate answer is 42. However, you also know that no one quite knows what the ultimate question is!  Most people starting out in analytics fi..
SAS an Overview
Category: Analytical Tools
By: Amit Kumar Umrao Posted on 12th Dec, 2009
SAS (Statistical Analysis System) software is a comprehensive software which deals with many problems related to Statistical analysis, Spreadsheet, Data Creation, Graphics, etc. It is a layered, multi..
Business Market Research to drive Industry Competitiveness
Category: Business Research
By: Deepak Prabhu Posted on 16th Jul, 2009
Business Market Research plays a key role in successful corporate planning and decision making. Development of information technology has given birth to data driven decision making. Increasing number ..
BIG data application in Fitness industry
Category: Customer Analytics
By: Peri Posted on 26th Aug, 2013
I recently decided to give a one last attempt at getting myself a physique I always wanted. The next logical step was to join a gym and enroll into a training program with trainers who look like what ..
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